Winsor & Newton Soft Pastel - 15pc

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The fine formulation of our oil pastels, combining highly pigmented colour in a beautifully rich consistency, offers a versatile approach to this medium. Winsor & Newton’s oil pastels come in sets of 15 and 30 chromatically balanced colours. Perfect for artists wanting to work with a strong, expressive medium. Contains White, Lemon, Intense Yellow, Vibrant Orange, Rose, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine, Medium Blue, Turquoise, Medium Green, Olive, Dark Brown, Ochre, Black

  • Advanced lightfastness - Our artist grade pigments provide outstanding light resistance, so artworks retain their vibrancy for longer.
  • Comfortable abrasion - Due to their soft, creamy consistency our oil pastels are easy to apply and seamless to blend.
  • High compatibility with other media - Can be used for underpainting in oil techniques and in combination with artist mediums and oils.
  • Durable carry case - The metal carry case ensures pastels are clean and safe for use on the go and conveniently stored when in the studio.

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