Pacific Arc H Frame Studio Easel

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This is a very sturdy big studio easel of oiled bamboo. Compared with other products in the same range, it is appreciated for its stability and reliability and for its shaped and valuable finishing that gives it an elegant style. Maximum width 60 cm. The CS-200 is equipped with a double shelf. The upper one one holds the canvas while the lower one, larger and more capacious, with finely shaped side closures, can be used as base for brushes, colours, knives, pencils, markers and various materials. The easel inclination is adjusted by means of sculptured wooden sliding knobs, while the height is controlled by a metallic rack system with fixing ratchet. The CS-200 is supplied already arranged for the application of optional accessories for further storage space (easel trays ET-1ET-2) and to provide a handy container (hanging colours boxes CA-4 and CA-6) to be applied by a simple joint system without screws. As option, the CS-200 can be equipped with brake casters easily operated by a lever that make it comfortable to move, and with a unique spacers system that offsets the canvas for painting edge to edge. When not in use, this space-saving easel can be folded completely into a very compact design in just one motion. Suitable for use within structures such as hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries or buildings for the display of magazines, books, catalogues, menus, boards. When used outdoors for blackboards, menus, advertising billboards and in windy conditions, the Big Studio Easel is more stable than lyre easels thanks to its square-shaped base, a heavier structure and a lower centre of gravity.

Materials: Oiled stain resistant bamboo

Weight: 12 kg   26,5 lbs

Base Dimension: 68×58 cm   27”x23”

Height: 200-255 cm   79″-100”

Max Canvas Height: 145 cm   57”

Max Canvas Weight: 35 kg   77 lbs

Shelf: 58×4,5 cm   23″x1,77″ (Capacity)

Distance from floor: 44-110 cm   17″-43″

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